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Free Bodywork

You are eligible to receive free bodywork in a number of different ways.  Am I crazy?  Maybe but I don't think so. 

First, when I say bodywork, I mean massage and other modalities.  Reflexology (working with hands and/or feet), posture analysis, Touch for health, stuff that isn't a traditional massage session where you are on the table for an hour or so. 

One way you can get free bodywork is on your birthday.  Free birthday massages are an hour.

Another way is when I take classes, and I need to complete homework or reports.  I'm going to need bodies for such reports, and that's where you come in!  For example, after 2012 holidays are over with, I'm going to start asking for volunteers for reflexology sessions.  I need to write about 175 reports.  That's a lot of feet!   Later I'm planning on taking Touch For Health classes.  There is lots of potential for getting free bodywork.  Basically everytime I take a class, I'm going to need bodies! 

Another way is when I get new hand tools, or I want to improve my technique on certain body areas.  If I get new t-bars, can I call on you to be my guinea pig?  Some stuff I haven't done since massage school, so I'm rusty on a few things, and I want to be sure I'm proficient before using my knowledge and technique on a paying customer. 


So, the best way for you is to ask for the free bodywork.  You don't have to worry about paying for a "real session" first before volunteering.  The best way to contact me is by phone or text 563-940-4357.  Please don't email 'cause I don't check email on a regular basis.  Just call or text, and say "hey, do you need volunteers to practice on?"

The reason i think this is a good idea is because we help each other.  You help me, obviously with my homework, but I also help you with your body issues.  Plus, helping me allows you to know me better with my technique, and even if you never really come for many paid sessions, you will be much better informed about me in case anyone wants to know if you know of a good therapist.  You'll have personal knowledge of my technique, style, etc. 

 Thank you very much in advance for helping me out!  Have a great day! 






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